Saturday, July 30, 2011

Progress Report: 50% Left

Hello All,

This is the busiest time I will face in my whole internship (next week is the close of the financial quarter), so forgive me if this post is short.

I love my internship experience so far. My boss and I have a great relationship, I have had the opportunity to meet a number of people all throughout the finance department, and people have been very supportive.

The Finance Intern Presentation Event is this Thursday. It is the final presentation for finance interns, and the best opportunity for interns to showcase their work to senior finance leaders. Therefore, it is the best opportunity to convince people to hire you after graduation. Unfortunately, it is scheduled on workday four of quarter close, so many finance professionals will be too busy to attend. In addition, it will not be recorded.

As my internship ends September 9th, this will be closer to a progress report on my project. I am working right now on trying to showcase my project to a few senior finance leaders in late September. I will keep people posted.

I will post again once this presentation, and quarter close, is over. Here's hoping the CFO attends!

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